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Sandstorm access

The BC Open EdTech Collaborative maintains a sandbox server running an application called Sandstorm.

Sandstorm is a self-hosted suite of open source web applications designed to take some of the complexity out of running web based open source applications.

With a Sandstorm account, you can quickly install and test out any of the over 60 open source web applications hosted in Sandstorm. Some of the applications available on Sandstorm include:

  • Etherpad – a Google Docs like collaborative document editing platform
  • Davros – a Dropbox like file storage and sharing application
  • GitLab – a Github like code repository
  • Framadate – a Doodle availability poll tool
  • Tiny RSS – RSS Reader
  • EtherDraw – collaborative drawing tool

And numerous other applications and tools.

Some notes about the BCcampus Sandstorm instance

  • Sandstorm is hosted on the BCNET EduCloud service to ensure all data complies with the British Columbia FIPPA data soverignty requirements.
  • This should be considered a sandbox service for testing and evaluation purposes only. Data is not backed up, and the service may go down periodically. While BCcampus will work to ensure that the servers are restored as quickly as possible in the event of a system failure, this service is considered a sandbox service and is a low priority should it fail.
  • There is no formalized support for the service. Support is community driven by users of the system. The primary communication channel for support is the BC OpenEd Tech Mattermost chat group. Signing up for the Sandstorm service will get you an invitation to participate in the community.

Sign up

To get an invitation to try out the Sandstorm instance, please fill out the following form. We will send you inforamtion on how to connect to Sandstorm and with the BC Open EdTech community.