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Sandstorm access

The BC Open EdTech Collaborative maintains a sandbox server running an application called Sandstorm.

Sandstorm is a self-hosted suite of open source web applications designed to take some of the complexity out of running web based open source applications.

With a Sandstorm account, you can quickly install and test out any of the over 60 open source web applications hosted in Sandstorm. Some of the applications available on Sandstorm include:

  • Etherpad – a Google Docs like collaborative document editing platform
  • Davros – a Dropbox like file storage and sharing application
  • GitLab – a Github like code repository
  • Framadate – a Doodle availability poll tool
  • Tiny RSS – RSS Reader
  • EtherDraw – collaborative drawing tool

And numerous other applications and tools.

To access Sandstorm, visit the BC Open EdTech Collaborative site at opened.ca/sandstorm.